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Here you find the videos  made by the fans from Donnys fan board for Donny and Patrick. If you want to let us know what you think about them .. you can leave a comment in the guestbook or the fan board.









Just remember ... Patricks Birthday 2010




To remember the birthday of Patrick Swayze. Julia made this special video to remember this great actor. 
Thank you Julia, that you done this for us.



Happy Birthday Donny ... have a wonderful day. We will thinking of you and some members of the board leave the messages to make this video.



Happy Birthday Donny. Have a wonderful day and a cake you can eat alone. A translation of this song you find in the board.  Thanks to Vicky, Marie and Hans to perform it 


This video is made for Donny and Patrick.



Happy Birthday, Patrick. Made by Julia with a lot of love for an amazing man.


Happy Birthday to Donny! A wonderful video made with a lot of love from Julia for Donny. Click and enjoy it.


Marie and Vicky sang for Donny to his birtday.



Julia makes this video for Patrick and Lisa. Today they have the wedding day.

Thank you Julia, that you sharing this with all of us.


Special Thank you to Miriam


A new video for Patrick and Lisa.  True Love will never end.


Thank you Donny, for your help, your support and your friendship.

Your friends stay at your site.



A special from Miriam and Julia ... wonderful



A special present for Patrick and Lisa from Julia





Merry Christmas to Donny from all the fans, made with a lot of love from Julia and Heike




Thank you Patrick, that you never give up .. your give so much people hope





This is for two greats brothers ... it is wonderful to see what family make






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