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"Patrick Swayze Pancreas Cancer Research Fund"








Information of the provider from the board: 

Our problem child (the provider) who already has had some downtime, gave up compeletly today and it looks like there is nothing more to be done. Anyway, we will move on to another cluster; (Yes, I have pushed that away, because it is a lot of work) it makes no sense to put more time in this part --- We will move right now. Now this is a lot of work, and impossible to manage without some downtime. It's either that or bad accesibility for everyone. Work will begin now and last well into the coming week.

Means it could happen, that we will be down from time to time. Don't worried about that, we have the guestbook.


From now on you can download three difference Calendars. Donny, Patrick and Patrick in Dirty Dancing. 
You only have to click the picture, this will bring you to paypal where you can make the donation for Patricks Research Fund, after that you will come to the download page. 

For help ask the admin. 


Activ members now, that the board is in a new layout online. From time to time, the layout will change.
A new thread in the board, will help all the guests to registration ... but you can use the links to the translation side at the left side of the board. The thread you will find here

In the December you will find an adventscalendar on the side. This year we will make a little game in that, the rules your find in the board too. 


for all of you to know: 

Now I'm waiting of the ok from the plusboard support team. If I have that, I will convert this board, to the other one. This can happen today, or tomorrow. I hope the downtime is very short ... I will do the best I can. If you don't see the board, please check the guestbook, if you find there some news. 

Cross your fingers ... we have 46 User with good 15000 postings ... what all the others said, it can be that we need 2 hours ... maybe more.


Today we found a new partnerside for us. 


If you like to know more, for all who only understand english .. use this:|de| you will see, it works really good. We say thank you, to our new partner. 


Talented Family!

The Young and the Restless will next week feature the brother of the late actor Patrick Swayze in a role which will see him on the wrong side of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden)! Actor Don Swayze is set to appear as Charlie Shaw on June 9, 11, and 12.



The board is back. We had it very fast back, but to make sure i only post it now. Marek did a great job and deserve our respect for all what he done for the users, not only from this board. 

At the moment, the board is on an emergency place, and the works continue. 


The board is offline at the moment. The support is working on it and do the best they can that the boards are fast back again. Marek don't think, that this will happen before tomorrow, but it can be that it will be Thuersday befor it is back. I know these are not the best news, but he had a actually backup, so nobody need to be worry, that we lost one post. We need to have patience .. and in that we're really good. 

His translated messages you find in the guestbook ... so we use this, or the message board of the new side to talk with our friends. I will updated all of you in the guestbook and I hope the board is fast back again. That is something what everytime can happen ... technical is sometimes complicated. We're cross the finger for Marek and sen him a lot of coffee, nerves and some cakes.


We're created a new partner side for the fanfiction we wrote in the board. 

Feel free to visite this side, their you can talk about the books too. And you don't need a registration for the message book their.


Happy Birthday to this side and this wonderful community.

Two years ago this site went online. Many friends have been made in these 24 months and it has grown into a friendly international community. Everyone is heartly welcome to talk with others about Donny and Patrick, as well as your own personal happiness or sadness. 


Happy Birthday to

Donny's Official website celebrates it's 2nd anniversary this year. 
We send our best wishes to Donny and Webmaster, Lynn. It's a fine site...job well done and all the fans enjoy their visits. 


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